If im a redneck so what? It doesnt offend me so I dont understand why you keep saying it.

Luke proves that he is proud to be a redneck

Amco is a retard

Luke didn't know that Amco makes more money than him while writing this post

-L/u/K/3- (real name unknown) is teh moneymaker of da, playboy, businessman, philantropist, celebrity, redneck, MOB!
4 days money

Thug Life appears to be profitable.

This UK nigga' is a living bank vault, dozens of pics of his bank balance and real money laying on 1000£ cashmere carpet speaks for itself. U jelly?

Some factsEdit

  • By looking at the attached picture, You might be thinking that Luke drives a Lambo or Ferrari. No, he drives a Volksfaggen Fucking Passat TDI.
  • Some say that he likes to jerk off to that picture 5 times a day.
  • Millionaire wannabe.


Just a typical UK ginger redneck. Sadly, being rich doesn't make him look even a bit more attractive.